Villa Padierna Palace Hotel Marbella

Marbella, Spain

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In charm and luxury, sometimes a hotel delivers everything you'd expect. Villa Padierna Palace Hotel does just that - before it finds new ways to surprise.

On a clear day, you can look out over the Mediterranean and see the coast of Africa from the terrace of Villa Padierna Palace Hotel. This charming view sums up the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel experience perfectly. Where else does the heritage of Spain harmonize with the architecture of a Tuscan palace on twin golf courses? Enjoy Marbella's tennis, sailing, and fishing - at this hotel, finding abundant luxury is just a matter of taking your pick.

The hotel hosts 129 guest rooms, and at 366 sq. ft., the basic Classic-level accommodations are entirely satisfying. Travertine bathtubs, high speed Internet, and in-room dining whenever you desire round out the amenities. The opulent Villas take luxury to a higher level, with large terraces, pergola, and sun beds complementing a private swimming pool.

With no fewer than five bars and restaurants, dining here is a many-splendored thing. Cigar fans will want to check out Eddy's Bar, a swank affair modeled after British smoking rooms.

+353 1 608 0022
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